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Holiday and travel information for Canberra and ACT

Canberra is the nations capital city. It is located in the Australian Capital Territory midway between Melbourne and Sydney. It came about as a solution to the bitter rivalry that existed between Sydney and Melbourne during the days when the commonwealth of Australia was formed. As the politicians of the day could not agree on which of these two cities should become the capital of a unified Australia, it was agreed to create a new city which would become the nations capital. From this concensus, the Australian Capital Territory was excised from New South Wales and the city of Canberra was born.

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This was one of the few opportunities the world has seen to plan an entire city from square one. The site was chosen with a mind to how it could be laid out and serviced. It was not just a settlement that grew willy nilly like most of the major cities in the world today. A gentleman by the name of Walter Burley Griffin was engaged to plan out the city from the beginning and that has given Canberra the ability to grow in a totally planned way. A lake was formed in the center of the city and it is now named after the citys designer.

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Today, all of the main government buildings lie around and overlooking Lake Burleigh Griffin and the locals use it as a recreational destination. Joggers and cyclists circumnavigate it while sailors and rowers ply its surface. There is a spectacular waterspout that is lit at night that spouts water high into the air like a massive fountain. Canberra has lots of accommodation. Mostly it is in hotel and motel type configurations. If you are visiting Canberra, make sure to book in advance as there are times when the city is booked out. When Parliament is sitting and the city is full of jounalists and the like, Canberra accommodation is at a premium.

It is about four hours drive from Sydney that is mostly along a divided motorway. The city itself is a great place to visit. There are some excellent golf courses and some of the nearby towns like Goulburn are full of early history. The surrounding regions are mostly fertile grazing land growing some of the quality wool, beef and lamb that Australia is famous for. Although Canberra is an artificial city in a lot of ways, it has much to offer the tourist who is interested in the history of Australia.

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